Paws Up <3 Woolly Wolf

Paws Up <3 Woolly Wolf

100% kierrätetyistä materiaaleista valmistettuja koirien tarvikkeita. Valmistettu PET-pulloista.

Erityisesti seikkailullisille koirille suunniteltut ulkoilutarvikkeet ovat turvallisia, kauniita ja mukavia koiran päällä.

Meet the creators Maria & Yoda

”If dogs can teach us humans something besides from love and compassion it’s staying curious throughout our lives.

I have always believed in curiosity being the key for great adventure. Curiosity leads us to discover the most beautiful places in the world from nearby forests to faraway mountains. Woolly Wolf was born in all of these places. In the breath taking sceneries of the Alps, flowing wild rivers in the North and the little details of a fallen tree in the wilderness of Finnish Lapland. All the adventures we have experienced together, it’s all in our desings.”

Designed by Maria, Inspired by Yoda
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